WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Juice Roll Ups

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Juice Roll Upz was founded in Orange County, California. The nostalgic candy flavored Vape Juice is a throwback to your childhood memories, Juice Roll Upz comes in 6 flavor profiles and two flavors on ice which is a total of 8 candy infused ejuice flavors.The consistent fruit roll up flavor in a bottle comes in max VG eliquid and is mixed and bottled in an ISO clean facility, with GCC Certified child safety caps and seals. Available in 30ml vape juice and 120ml ejuice bottle.

Berry Lemonade vape juice by Carnival Juice Roll Upz is refreshing blend, perfect for those summer days. The sweet taste of assorted berries blended of hand squeezed lemonade is the long-lasting flavor that will enlighten your taste buds. Berry Lemonade eliquid is the first flavor of the Carnival Juice Roll Upz collection, which is manufactured by The Liquid Guys. The inhale provides the sweet & tangy flavor of mixed berries, finishing with smooth lemonade. Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz comes available in a 60ml and 100ml bottle.



P.O.G. ejuice is the tropical blend of passion fruit, oranges and guava. The exotic fruity vape juice captures each flavor note perfectly and will instantly become your favorite. Refresh your taste buds with the perfect island feel with Juice Roll Upz Tropical P.O.G. (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava) vape juice.


HI Punch by Juice Roll Upz Tropical, a blend of tropical arrives in a 100ml gorilla bottle. On the inhale, exhilarates your taste buds with its powerful fruity juice flavor. As the punch juice swirls along the tongue, its subtle tartness makes you salivate. With every exhale, the taste elevates the smooth tropical flavor, satisfying your sweet tooth’s cravings. HI Punch Tropical Juice Roll Upz will make you feel like you are on a exotic island.


Is the tropical fruit collection is like biting into a juicy, ripe mango. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients that Juice Roll-Upz uses to craft their premium ejuice, Tropical Island Mango is as authentic-tasting as it gets. On the inhale, Tropical Mango delivers a fresh juicy punch of ripe mango flavor. If you are a fruit purist, this flavor will make your taste buds tingle. On the exhale, a welcome hint of juicy peach blends with the taste of ripe mango perfectly. If you are a fruit fanatic, this is one vape juice that you must try.